SmartHomeNG SMA Modbus Plugin

This plugin for SmartHomeNG reads data from an SMA inverter via modbus interface and write the values to an item. It is a multi instance plugin and can be used for one or more inverters.

For example, it could be used for an photovoltaic invertert and also for an battery inverter.


Download the latest release from Github and place it in your plugin folder of the SmartHomeNG installation. Restart SmartHomeNG service. Follow up the next step.

Important: The modbus interface needs to be activated at the inverter. For activation, privileged access is requiered.


  • PyModbus >= 2.3.0
  • modbus interface must be enabled on the inverter (privileged access is requiered)
  • modbus unit id on the inverter must be set

Suppported/Tested devices

  • SUNNY ISLAND 4.4M-13


The following parameters are requiered to get plugin running:

  • IP or hostname
  • Port of the modbus interface, default 502
  • Unit id, default 3
  • timeout, default 10
  • cycle, default 60
  • instance name, e.g. battery

After the configuration is done, the plugin must be activated, than it should work an receive data from your inverter.


Items need a new attribute to receive the data. If you use this plugin for more than one inverter, you need to work with the @.

Please refere to your inverter specification SMA modbuslist.

smamodbus@<inverter-instance-name>: <Register adresse SMA>-<Number of contguous SMA register>-<Data type SMA>

Example item: smamodbus@battery: 30005-2-U32

Official MODBUS specification for SMA products: → Downloads → Background knowledge (Hintergrundwissen)

Example 1

You can read the serial number from the inverter. The instance name of the plugin in this example is “pv” and the used specification is for a SUNNY TRIPOWER 8.0 “MODBUS-HTML_STP8.0-10.0-3AV-40_GG10_V10” (Firmware version 1.1.18.R), see the folder “specs” for further information.

            name: serial number
            type: num
            smamodbus@pv: 30005-2-U32

Example 2

This example will receive the battery charge level of the SUNNY ISLAND 4.4M-13 inverter, see the specs MODBUS-HTML_SI44M-80H-13_32009R_V10. The instance name here is battery.

    name: Current battery charge level
    type: num
    smamodbus@battery: 30845-2-U32